75-79 Atholl Rd, Pitlochry PH16 5BN, United Kingdom

Pizza at The Coach House

*Our food and beverage timings and availability are subject to change

Our stone baked 12" Pizzas are made freshly to order using the finest double zero flour in our bases, plum rich Italian Tomatoes in our sauce and fresh toppings to deliver an exceptional Pizza. Our Pizza's are then baked in out Moretti Forni state of the art Pizza Oven to perfection at a temperature of 450 degress

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Hand stretched dough made inhouse with the finest double zero flour made to a classic Italian recipe

Our sauce is made to chefs secret recipe, but includes Italian plum tomatoes, fresh basil, 100% grated mozzerella, or try our white base which is made from fresh garlic and parmesan.

Milano Salami, chef's own recipe Italian Sausage, Fresh Pineapple??, You choose, but which ever you choose a mouthwatering pizza is gauranteed.