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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by Jim Cartwright.

In a northern English town, sometime in the early 1990's, the shy, reclusive Little Voice locks herself away in her upstairs bedroom listening to her dead father's record collection. missing her father more than she can say, she plays her treasured vinyl obsessively and quietly perfects astonishing, pitch-perfect impersonations of the many famous divas she hears coming out of the speakers....

Downstairs, Little Voice's loud, blousy mother mari, has been left similarly bereft by her husbands death, but rages at him rather than mourning his loss. Out-of-control and desperate, she lurches from man to man, seeking what she thinks will be her last chance of love, life and happiness...

Upstairs and downstairs rarely meet and when they do, Little Voice is all but mute. But when Mari brings home her tasty fancy-man small time agent and talent scout Ray Say, something enexpexted happens. Ray overhears Little Voice singing and immediately realises he's stumbled onto his golden ticket to the big time. There's just one problem, Little Voice doesn't want to sign in public, for anybody, ever.....

The Oliver Award winning Rise and Fall of Little Voice is part show business fairytale, part Northern clubland comedy and the need to be loved combines hilarity and poignancywith classic knock out songs.

If you remember fondly the 1998 film starring Jane Horrocks, or enjoyed our production of Jim Cartwright's Two in 2013, make a date to see (and hear) Little Voice: it's the perfect afternoon or evening's musical-comedy entertainment.