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October 2016

31st October,

Well the Enchanted Forest has come and gone for another year, around 66,000 visitors I think everyone of them used our facilities and some more than once!!! That said Pitlochry seems very quiet without it, there are meetings next week to look at the new route for the A9 which is a good thing as it will make my journeys north in the Rolls Royce so much quicker, however they are considering taking a route through the forest. Pitlochry must stand together and not allow this to happen.

25th October.

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, and what a couple of weeks it has been. The Enchanted Forest has taken over the town and the hotel has been full with guests and those looking for a bite to eat before they go to the forest, or just to use the facilities I wish I had coin operated toilets!!!! The hotel is the newest fish and chip shop in town, we are selling fast approaching 100 fish and chips every night, it must be the meal of choice for the Enchanted Foresters. Sorry I don't have longer to talk to you, but I do have to go and catch more fish ahead of tonight's service.

First Week of October

Its been a nice week, here in Fisher's Hotel I met a lovely grand daughter and her grandma who were up in the area from England, we spoke daily about there trips out, one of the days they visited Edradour Distillery and came back with lovely stories of their day trip out even mentioned that they got a free mug from Edradour for purchasing a coffee, so think I will be visiting their on the weekend! We also had our regular guest that arrived today and he brought the staff a chocolate pizza to share which was rather tasty!