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June 2016

Thursday 30th June

I bought this visitors book from 1890 from the local antiques dealer, I paid a few hundred pounds for this and thought that I had been well and truly ripped off, however what a piece of history I have acquired.  The visitors book is from 1890 and we can see that we have had many important figures staying in the hotel over the years.  for example on the 8th July 1892 we had Andrew Carnegie the famous philanthropist and on the 21st of July 1892 we had William Gladstone who was prime minister at the time.  Which our hotel bar is names after "Gladstone Whisky Bar" This information has been rather interesting to me, so it may take me a while to have a look through the book and I will return to my Diary next week.   


Wednesday 29th June

Bloody Summer weather in Pitlochry, new croquet set just arrived and its raining, so had to get the kit out to have a play with it in the office, I hope you will join me over the summer for a game on the lawn, I look forward to

Running a Hoop.... Making a Roquet.... Taking Croquet.... Making a Continuation Stroke.... Making a Break.... Becoming a Rover.... Pegging Out.... To Peel a Ball...............

and most of all WINNING!


Tuesday 28th June

Today we met 2 ladies from Dallas, I've got to say I took a shine to them and I thought they came from Hollywood, or at the very least the soap Dallas.  It's great to have visitors from America to the hotel.


Monday 27th June

Today looks like a good day for a sizzling BBQ in the Garden, what a beautiful blue sky we have in Pitlochry today.  It is quite breezy so the mouth watering aroma of MacDonald's Butchers burgers cooking, will be wafting over the main street. 


Sunday 26th June

Today I joined my chums at the local Golf Course, to play mini golf, my competitive street came out! however unfortunately I lost against Stefan, but we have a rematch booked, so next time I will win our competition.  Then we went for a bite to eat on me as I was the losing team!

Saturday 25th June

This evening I went to The Coach House Bar to watch the amazing Dundee based band INDEPENDENCE!! Got all dulled up and danced the night away! The band were so kind they even let me play the guitar for a song!


Friday 24th June

Today we received our 40" HD TV's for some of the bedrooms and we had a great chuckle at the size of them against our Reception team!!!!! They are nearly bigger than the girls!


Thursday 23rd June

Today I followed the stream of people to the town hall today to place my very important vote.  Hope you did the same. 


Wednesday 22nd June

Met up with my brother and a couple of cousins and we headed down to Perth to the Black Watch Museum our family history is connected to the Black Watch with a couple of distant relatives giving the alternate sacrifice. It was very interesting and the tour guide very informative.  I thoroughly recommend a visit.


Tuesday 21st June

An American Tourist popped into the hotel for directions today to Queen's View, but instead of explaining how to get there I told him I would show him.  So in the next hour myself and my new American Tourist Frank are off for a drive to Queen's View, we hope that the rain will stay off, not sure we will get as beautiful views as this photo, but we certainly will see a sight. 


Monday 20th June

Went on a walk to visit our sister property Atholl Palace just up the road with one of our new team members Kata, The team at the Palace welcomed us with open arms and gave us a guided tour of the hotel, there updated museum is coming along nicely, looking forward to the open day in July for the Museum. 


Sunday 19th June

I was chatting with some guests that had just been to one of the local bakeries, and the pastries looked so tasty that I decided to nip out for lunch and get myself a sausage roll.


Saturday 18th June

Today I welcomed an old friend I used to work along side, it was lovely catching up in the gardens under the sun, enjoying afternoon tea outside.  What a glorious day it is today, great day to have a wedding.  Looking forward to welcoming the guests to the hotel today all dulled up for the wedding.

Friday 17th June

Helped the staff out today as we are getting prepared for a busy weekend full of happy guests celebrating for weddings this weekend.  Estiver and Levi were showing there creative sides with cutlery.....


Thursday 16th June

Took some Australians up to Edruador distillery today in the Rolls Royce, made a smart choice to take my driver with me this time, so I could join them on the tour to sample some of pitlochry’s water… I mean Whisky!

Wednesday 15th June

Today has been a productive day, even though the weather is a bit glum, so I decided to nip across the road and treat myself and the team to some donuts from our local Gregs.

Tuesday 14th June

Today I met Innes in the garden's preparing our beautiful Garden's for our wedding this coming weekend.

Monday 13th June

Today I dropped some American tourists of at the bottom of Schiehallion Mountain with a packed lunch from the hotel, it was only a 50 min drive, however it was nice to chat to these lovely American's and tell them about all the other mountains, hills that they can hike in the Highlands.   Schiehallion is one of the easiest Munros to climb on a fine summers day, however I think our American friends might get caught out in the rain today. Schiehallion takes the form of a whaleback ridge from most viewpoints, it appears as a perfect cone when seen from across Loch Rannoch.

Sunday 12th June

Today I have been updating our websites with our new photography from our photoshoot by Gill Murray, lots of new photography, the food photo's made me hungry so I decided to go to The Coach House for Lunch, very tastey dishes, I particularly enjoyed the cheesecake. 

Saturday 11th June

Today I joined some guests in the Garden Room and we enjoyed having a glass of bubbly watching the Queen's birthday celebrations on our large TV, it felt like we were down in London celebrating with the whole of the UK watching the spectacular parades. It was nice to see little George spotting the red arrows also. 

Friday 10th June

I was walking up and down the street today, and bumped into many of our European friends: Poland, Spain, Czech, Ireland, Hungary, Romania..... With the Euro 2016 starting today it is a pity Scotland are not in the Football, however I am sure I will enjoy watching some games with some of our International Staff and our European visitors to Pitlochry.  Good Luck to All. 

Thursday 9th June

Took a stroll across to the train station to welcome my chums of the London Train today, I cant believe they are only staying for a long weekend looks like they have packed for a month.  Its a good job we can cut through the back gardens of the hotel and we will be there in a minute. 

Wednesday 8th June

Took a drive over to Blairgowrie in the Rolls Royce this afternoon, kept turning heads, don't know if it was the car, or the elves in the back.  We were going to Blairgowrie to drop off Christmas Flyer's we went with a box of mince pies and the girls did hand out 58 off them I managed to keep 2 for my cuppa tea, its not often you can get a mince pie at this time of year. 

Tuesday 7th June

Another stunning day in the Highlands of Scotland today, luckily we had some thunder today to clear up the murkey air.  I had to put some sunlotion on, to catch the raise of sun.

Monday 6th June

It was so nice to see all the School Children open up the Co-op today, it was nice to have the full co-op open after being closed over the weekend.  As usual I didn't buy anything in particular in the new co-op, however I did manage to buy some Chocolates for the ladies on Reception. 

Sunday 5th June

Today I went with the housekeeper Eva and took a stroll down to Pitlochry Waterfall it only took around 40 minutes but it was a lovely walk in the sunshine and who knew there was a waterfall in Pitlochry! What a beautiful natural waterfall. 


Saturday 4th June

Innes and his team of gardeners have been busy in the gardens. They are removing all the Spring flowers and replacing them with summer ones, the next week will be bizarre as I am so used to seeing all the beautiful colour's. I am assured it will not take long for colour to return.

Friday 3rd June

Pitlochry was very busy today gearing up for a busy weekend, there was a big queue at the post office as there was a group of Italian tourist all looking to send a post card back home, unbelievable they had all bought one of Fisher's receptionist Susies home made cards. Lets hope the good weather remains for the weekend!!

Thursday 2nd June

Today is a great day! This afternoon I was so proud of our guests here at Fisher's Hotel that have been donating for the last 4 months to one of our local charities in Pitlochry, today I handed over a cheque of £2000.00 to Bruce Paterson from PUGS pavilion users group.  Who are all working hard to rebuild the Recreation Ground where Pitlochry Highland Games take place and many community events throughout the summer - including the famous weekly Highland Nights which celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. 

Wednesday 1st June

Delighted to host our friends from SSE who have been filming in our Garden Room today the first ever employees that helped build the Pitlochry Fish Ladder and Dam, which was constructed between 1947 and 1951, The River Tummel was dammed, flooding the old Pitlochry Highland Games field, today known as Loch Faskally.  It is currently going through a large project to revamp the visitor centre I would thoroughly recommend that you take a visit to the new visitor centre.