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July 2016

Week 4 of July

This week has been a good week in Pitlochry.  Last weekend I had some relatives with there kids come up for a visit from England during their school holidays and I took them to Aberfeldy to the Highland Safari where we had a great time, feeding the deer at the Red Deer Centre, holding the barn owl, the kids enjoyed panning for gold and gems, the family even went off riding their bikes up the hills and mountains while I enjoyed a relaxing cuppa tea in the coffee shop and browsed around the shop waiting for their return to the centre chatting to all the staff and customers.  It was a great trip out for all so much to do and see around Aberfeldy that we have decided on their next visit we will go back again and do the 4x4 Mountain Safari Trek!!   

During the week I took the team to Perth Race course as a treat to see the horses and enjoy a spot of lunch and a few bevies, unfortunately my horses never won however some of the team were rather lucky so I’ll be taking the tips from them next time I visit the horses! It was a lovely team day out full of wins, loses and lots of laughter!!

Week 3 of July

Last weekend started the week of well with our sister property Atholl Palace and there reinactment of the Victorian days for their launch of their newly designed minecraft museum and children used their phones to hunt for Pokemon on the grounds.  Pitlochry was buzzing with great atmosphere, horse carriages up to the palace, staff and locals dressed up to impress and create the old school feel of the town.  Lovely weekend.  
What a bizarre week for the weather!! The hottest day Scotland has ever seen one day then Rainy Storms the next! The storm was just what we needed to clear the muggy air.  However the main street was like a river and you needed a canoe not a car!  the rolls Royce was firmly locked in the garage.   Unfortunately this also resulted in the kitchen being flooded thanks to our friends in the few shops around town that donated some wellies the chefs still managed to cook up a storm.  This strange weather will be doing all sorts to our lovely gardens, our new sunflower was not liking the rain so much but did enjoy the sunshine! 

In Summer time every Monday Night there is a Highland Night in Pitlochry where the bag pipers band start right outside Fisher’s Hotel and parade down the street to the Recreational grounds where an evening entertainment of Scottish Highland Dancers, Scottish Singers, Scottish Country Dancers, and the pipe band play.  The locals have been keeping this tradition going for 51 years!!! A night not to be missed.  Make sure you book for a Monday not to miss out! 
We have been fully entertained this week, with our regular musical entertainers Pearl, and Tommy mid-week, we also had a surprise of Orwell Ceilidh on Wednesday for our German visitors this entertainment was loud and Scottish, they played the bag pipes, flute, accordion, singing, they even played Wooden Heart from Elvis Presley it apparently has German Words in it!! Gill on reception mentioned that there was audience participation and guests were up dancing the night away! 

Happy Friday everyone hope you have a nice weekend. 


Week 2 of July

Week two of July seems to of flown in, with a successful start to the week with Sport in the world.  Last weekend Portugal winning the Euro Football against France The Coach House bar was full supporters.  Our Scottish Champion Andy Murray from Dunblane which is just an hour down the road played against Milos Raonic in the singles Tennis at Wimbledon and came home with the Gold! Well Done!! I bet Dunblane was buzzing, certainly Pitlochry was delighted and celebrating the win!  

On the hump of the week Wednesday one of my chums came for a visit to the hotel with her children and we played a couple of games of chess in the garden as it was rather sunny outside and this week I got beaten by a 6
year old at Chess!!! I really need to work on my skills.  Which meant I ended up getting the ice cream for the winner! However it was nice to have my friend come visit she and the kids even got the staff some treats from Marks and Spencer’s to share which went down very well with the staff.  They even got me a Sunflower which I will ask Jason one of our gardener helpers to plant in the garden and see how tall it gets throughout the summer!  

Also this week one of our Irish Directors was staying at the Fisher’s Hotel, he has been helping get our sister property Atholl Palace Museum up and running in time for this weekend coming for the new relaunch.  On Sunday the 17th July Pitlochry will have a great historic atmosphere with the Family Fun Open Day: Crafting the past with Minecraft at the museum, face painting, Geocaching from virtual to real life, It will be good to see The Coach House returning to its former glory with Victorian Carriage ride like back in the 1890’s riding up to the Palace, Victorian and Historical characters best dressed winners, ice cream and strawberries.  A Fun day for all ages to enjoy.  Join in with the activities in Pitlochry this weekend.   

I’m going to golf this weekend, I’m hoping to have some
tails for you next week.


Week 1 of July

Well this week has been exciting……… I had a visit from The Courier newspaper after our post on our blog last week of our antique book full of history.  A lady came in and took some photos and interviewed the staff.  Now the story is live with the world! so I wonder if we will find any more hidden treasures in this book of history. 

Talking about  history, we had a lady that had brought her friend to visit the hotel, turns out that she use to work in Fisher’s Hotel in the 60’s as a housekeeper and she remembers going out the back of the hotel to the gardens and the train station, the ladies saw a few rooms and she was amazed at what an improvement the hotel has had over the years.  It’s so nice to see people coming back and visiting the hotel after so many years and sharing their stories with the staff.  

Since the weather has been a bit up and down this week I was pleased to see on Tuesday that is was a sunny  morning and our Giant Garden Chess had arrived and I have been challenging the team to a game of chess and a few guests, however I am not as good as I remember as I got beaten by an 11 year old! On the Wednesday I saw a mother and son playing in the garden and I believe the son was the winner! there is some real good young chess players in Pitlochry.    

So the weekend has arrived, I wish you all a very lovely weekend.  If you are in Pitlochry please visit the local Market.